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Okay so The Alhambra in Granada, Spain, is a long way from Godney & The Somerset Levels but after a visit yesterday felt I just had to share the experience.

It is a busy destination so you must book a ticket in advance to see inside this medieval Muslim palace, the only one to survive from the Middle Ages in Europe.

Originally the walls of the Alhambra complex enclosed as many as six palaces, a barracks, a mosque, a zoo, industrial workshops and a small town. Today you can see some of the current ongoing archaeological digs among the fabulous and large gardens which have views over the town of Granada set against the backdrop of the Sierra Nevada.

One of the many water gardens Alhambra

The interior rooms and corridors of the Alhambra palaces are covererd in intricate and complex carved plaster work. A lot of what can be seen today has been restored and is not the original as by the early 1800’s a lot of the stucco had fallen off, revealing the underlying rough stonework.

Over the centuries the Alhambra has suffered fires, an explosion in a gunpowder store, demolition and neglect. It is difficult to separate the Alhambra from its rediscovery by the Romantics in the 19th century. Just who does it belong to? The Nasrids who built it, the Christian conquerors who partially demolished it, the nobles and gypsies who had lived there during the last few hundred years.

Court of the lions