Well, Glastonbury Festival 2017 was amazing not only because the weather was perfect but because Godney Arts House was commissioned to provide & furnish a private yurt for Johnny Depp where he stayed onsite throughout the festival.

Johnny’s yurt was filled with nomadic textiles sourced from the region of Van in Turkey mixed with bespoke urban design pieces and a stunning copper handbasin …. true Godney Arts House style.

Johnny was the inaugural guest of honour opening the new Cineramageddon field, Depp introduced The Libertine (2004) which was filmed at various locations across Somerset including Wells & Montacute House near Yeovil.

Interior design for Johnny Depp's Yurt at Glastonbury

Introducing the film, the story of debauched poet the second Earl of Rochester, he said: “Thank you so much for having me here. This is beautiful, chaotic, madness … I made the film because I wanted to try to bring to England a great poet that they missed. They missed him because he was written off as a jokester, a hoaxer. This guy is one of the deepest poets.” A great film and definitely worth watching.

Respect to Johnny & pleased to report that Johnny loved his yurt xxx

Thanks to Francis & his team at Black Dog Tipis